CPS basic veterans service era

Does IPUMS omit the variable distinguishing veterans’ last period of service (or any periods of service) from the monthly basic CPS?
The historical data for CPS Table A-5 (Table A-5. Employment status of the civilian population 18 years and over by veteran status, period of service, and sex, not seasonally adjusted) shows that this data is available monthly, but neither VETLAST nor VET1/VET2/VET3/VET4 is available with the basic monthly data on IPUMS.
Would one have to use data directly from the BLS or from NBER in order to access these variables?
Thanks for your advice.

Information about veteran’s last period of service was indeed collected in the CPS basic monthly samples, however, it has not been integrated into IPUMS CPS and there are no immediate plans to include it (though it is on our radar and it will eventually be integrated). We do offer unharmonized basic monthly sample versions of VET1-4 for 2006 to 2009: UH_VET1_B1, UH_VET2_B1, UH_VET3_B1, UH_VET4_B1, which will be expanded to include 2010 - 2021 samples with the next CPS release in October. If you need this information for the 2010 - 2021 samples before the October release, you will need to get the data directly from BLS or NBER. (see this blog post on linking IPUMS CPS data to the NBER CPS files).