Why there is no data for 'VLHALLORG"

I am extracting the September 2015 Volunteer Supplement using only 4 variables; NFAMS, AGE, EMPSTAT and VLHALLORG.

Howevever, it is coming up with no data under the colomn for VLHALLORG - Volonteer Hours for ALL Organizations.

Need help ASAP.

It looks like your extracts include samples other than the 2015 Volunteer Supplement, so by just looking at the data, since there are millions of observations, it may appear that there is no data under VHALLORG. However, if you do a tabulation on this variable, you will find valid data just for the 2015 Volunteer Supplement.

The other possible explanation is that the data extraction process was interrupted when unzipping the file on your computer.

As a solution, you may want to just download the 2015 Volunteer Supplement (be sure to uncheck default sample selections) and try re-saving/re-extracting the data.