Gaining access to CPS Volunteer Supplement


I am trying to download the CPS Volunteer Supplement but am having trouble doing so. Based on the “Volunteer Supplement Sample Notes” page on IPUMS, it looks like the Volunteer Supplement should be available every September starting in 2002. When I go to the CPS IPUMS page, and click “get data”, then select some subset of years between 2002 and 2015, none of the volunteer related variables are available in September of any of the months. I am quite confused in how to get access to this supplement. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you so much.


You first should add the samples containing Volunteers Supplement data to your extract using the Select Samples button. Then choose the “Basic Monthly” tab, the “Supplement Topics” tab and the “Volunteer Supplement” tab (see screenshot):

Check the boxes for the years you want, and submit your sample selection (orange button near the top of the page). Then choose the Select Data button, and choose Person/Volunteer Supplement/Volunteer Supplement from the menu under “Select Variables.”

You’ll see most of the variables are available through 2015. It looks like the supplement was scaled back quite a bit in 2017. You can find the codebooks for each year here: IPUMS CPS