Why does IPUMS not have non-March data for CPS like dataferrett does?

IPUMS has all months up to 2010 but then only March for 2011-2013, while Dataferrett is currently updated through November 2013, including every month. Is there a reason for this discrepancy? I like the way IPUMS works a lot better than data ferrett but I do need this data.

Thank you!

The IPUMS-CPS project started as a harmonized version of the March (ASEC) Supplement, including data from 1962-the current year. The project has since expanded to include supplement data from 1994 to 2010, and then expanded further to include basic surveys from those years as well. The process of expansion is an on-going project, with the next step being an expansion of basic survey data reaching back to the 1970s and then forward to the current year. There is no set completion date for this step, but the basic survey data from more recent years will not likely be available until this coming summer.