When will March 2020 data be available via IPUMS?

The March 2020 CPS data is available now on census bureau website.
How long does it usually take before it’s available here?


In general it can take up to a month for new data to be released on IPUMS CPS. In this case, however, the March 2020 basic monthly sample has just been made available today! See this page for information on this most recent data release.

Thanks for posting the March 2020 data. As a follow up, it looks like only the basic survey was released. Will there be an ASEC this year? I couldn’t find info on the Census website about it. Any sense of the timeline if so?

IPUMS’ release timeline for the ASEC is driven by when the original data files are released. In past years, IPUMS CPS typically releases ASEC data in the fall.