Which Census 2010 PUMAs are in the following MIGPUMAs:51-51001, 45-606

The 2015 data set has records with MIGPUMA1 values of 51001 and 606, in MIGPLAC1 of “Virginia” and “South Carolina”, respectively. Neither value is in the code list for the MIGPUMA1 variable that shows the relationship between Census 2010 PUMAs and POWPUMAs. Please let me know which PUMAs are included in those groupings. Thanks!

It looks like the Census Bureau added some additional PUMAs to the MIGPUMA1 variable in the 2015 sample. While these additions have been reflected in the microdata, the crosswalk tables have not been updated to reflect these additions. These updates are being made as I type and should be reflected in the next IPUMS-USA data release. In the meantime, MIGPUMA1==51001 identifies Charlottesville in Virginia and MIGPUMA1==606 identifies Lexington and Saluda Counties in South Carolina.