Which PUMAs constitute these MIGPUMAs?


In the 2010-2014 dataset, some records have:

MIGPLAC1 = Wisconsin (55) and MIGPUMA1=104

MIGPLAC1= Georgia (13) and MIGPUMA1=4007

Neither of thsoe MIGPUMAs are in the “Relationship between Census 2010 PUMAs of Migration (MIGPUMA1) and Census 2010 PUMAs” available on your site. Could you let me know which 2010 PUMAs are included in those two MIGPUMAs?



The combination of MIGPLAC1 = Wisconsin (55) and MIGPUMA1=104 corresponds to the 2010 Wisconsin PUMAs 101-103. The combination of MIGPLAC1= Georgia (13) and MIGPUMA1=4007 corresponds to the 2010 Georgia PUMAs 4001-4006. Both of these MIGPUMA1 values are new for the 2014 ACS sample (MULTYEAR=2014).

Hope this helps.