Which ACS or CPS table should I use for determining housing supply by MSA?

I would like to look at the supply of housing for different areas (MSA is fine). I have all of the information around household occupancy (renter vs owner, etc), but I want to know supply of housing units and preferably by unit type (detached 1, 2 - 4 units, etc.). So that I can look at vacancy of apartment units and houshold trends. Which table should I be looking for to get housing supply? Thanks.

Since your primary unit of analysis (MSA) is a geographic unit, I would actually recommend using NHGIS (this project is also housed at the MPC). NHGIS is geared towards mapping summary data, but you can also simply download the tables (ticking the box to supply column headings for the csv files). After registering your account with NHGIS, you can start extracting tables from their Data Finder. Simply select the year you are interested in, the level of geography, and then from the Topics menu click on the Housing tab. From here you can select one or more topic. By default, if you select multiple topics the list of returned tables will only display tables with all topics present (using an AND logic) to see tables that contain at least one of these tables you can easily switch to an OR logic filter.

I hope this helps!