When will NHIS 2020 be released?

To whom it may concern,

When will NHIS 2020 be available on IPUMS? Thanks.


NHIS 2020 files have not yet been released (when they are released, the data files will be available on the CDC website). The files that have been released are preliminary microdata files that are part of the NHIS Early Release Program. In the past, NHIS have typically released new data in July, however the 2019 release was delayed by four months due to the drastic 2019 redesign. We anticipate NHIS will be operating under a similar timeframe this year, though we do not have any more information on their expected release date than is publicly available. We do not know yet how long it will take for the IPUMS NHIS team to release the 2020 file once it becomes available since there have been more survey design changes to introduce an oversample in response to COVID. We will not know the impact those changes will have on the data harmonization process until we have the data.