What's the meaning of the alphabet in the indnaics code


There are some alphabet in the variable “indnaics”, for example, 32199M, 3MS, 4MS. I haven’t find the industry of them in the NAICS code booklet, but want to inquire their representation.

Thank you very much!

The Census Bureau adjusts the NAICS coding scheme in order to preserve respondent confidentiality while providing the detail necessary for researchers. These letters denote any edits that were applied to the NAICS code by the Bureau. The legend on the INDNAICS crosswalk page provides further information on these suffixes:

M = Multiple NAICS codes

This refers to the aggregation of multiple NAICS codes into a single code for reporting purposes. For example, 32199M aggregates NAICS codes 321991 Manufactured Home (Mobile Home) Manufacturing and 321992 Prefabricated Wood Building Manufacturing.

P = Part of a NAICS code - NAICS code split between two or more Census codes

For example, 2211P (Electric power generation, transmission and distribution) includes some (but not all) industries in 22112 (Electric Power Transmission, Control, and Distribution).

S = Not specified Industry in NAICS sector - Specific to Census codes only

For example, 3MS (Not specified industries) is a code specifically created by the Census Bureau that combines multiple NAICS codes within manufacturing.

Z = Exception to NAICS code - Part of NAICS Industry has own Census code

For example, 3219ZM (Miscellaneous wood products) is a code specifically created by the Census Bureau that is a subset of NAICS code 321999 (All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Manufacturing).

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