Verification Email

I had created a table a few days ago and got to the end where I needed to sign up. I went through the steps and got the window that said a verification email would be sent to me. However, I never got anything. I checked my spam, junk, and other folders. But didn’t have anything. Now when I go in to redo my table, I get the same window about signing up but I can’t because it recognizes my email but won’t send me a verification.

Would someone be able to help me with this?

Thank you in advance for your help,

Hi Jalisa,

I’m glad you were able to reach out over the forum. I received your earlier email and was able to manually verify your address. However, I wasn’t able to reach out to let you know due to a spam filter that bounced my email back. Are you able to receive messages on your email from other senders?

Are you able to login to the website right now without trying to make any tables? If not, my best guess at this point is that your web browser has some outdated cached login information and is using that when you try to download your extract. I have three suggestions. After each, please try downloading your extract again.

  1. Try to refresh your browser (CTRL + R usually does the trick in most browsers).
  2. If a refresh doesn’t work, try a “hard reset and empty cache” (details for how to do this across different browsers) and delete any cookies from
  3. Try using a different browser such as chrome or firefox.

If none of these works, please let me know which browser and the specific version of the browser you are using to help me troubleshoot further.


Thank you so much for getting back to me. I am able to login but not able to make the tables. It keeps telling me an email verification will be sent but it never sends. I will try some of these steps you suggested and see if that helps. I’m sorry to have bothered you with this. I just wasn’t sure what else to do.

Thanks so much,



I think that you haven’t gotten the email verification because of a spam filter that prevents you from receiving it. Were you able to try any of these solutions I mentioned?

Another workaround we can try is linking you straight to your extracts. You’re using NHGIS, correct? If so, you can try accessing your extracts using this link (IPUMS Login)