USA IPUMS 1980 ancestry variable -- mapping to country names

Dear all,

I am trying to collapse als USA PUMS files by ancestry and survey wave. In particular in the 1980s survey, there are a very large number of (subnational) categories, which I would like to map back to the country of ancestry; i.e.

033 Bavarian

034 Berlin

should become Germany etc.

Does any such mapping already exist? Where could I find it?

What would be an alternative to identify the share of foreigners/ancestry by state by survey wave or year?

Thanks in advance for your time!


More information about the 1980 ancestry codes as well as a few tables mapping codes to broader categories can be found here.

Another alternative to using the ancestry variables to help you identify foreigners, depending on the purposes of your analysis, would be to use BPL (the U.S. state, the outlying U.S. area or territory, or the foreign country where the person was born) and/or CITIZEN (citizenship status of respondents, distinguishing between naturalized citizens and non-citizens).