Urban/ Rural residence in Burkina Faso's census of 1985 and 1996


I am working on urban/ rural mortality trends in Burkina Faso but I have problems getting variables on place of residence in census of 1985 and 1996. Could these variables be constructed from available data?

Thank you



Urban/rural status was asked only in the 2006 Burkina Faso census. As a result, this information is not available for the 1985 and 1996 samples. Since the lowest level of geography available for these years is the province, I am not aware of any geography-based method for imputing urban/rural status from the data. You may try searching for existing articles to see if any researchers have previously attempted to impute urban/rural status or developed a valid substitute measure for urban/rural status in Burkina Faso.

Sorry that I am unable to provide a solution.



Thank you so much for this clarification.