Unable to access IPUMS data analysis course

Hi, I am registered in IPUMS but I am unable to access the data analysis course. I emailed this issue to ipums.umn.edu which was listed on your page but received a response that it’s the email address of the University of Minnesota and they said that they could not resolve this. Please help! my registered email ID is rishitha.aimsr@gmail.com

I am sorry you are having trouble with the IPUMS site and email. Please send us an email at ipums@umn.edu for further assistance, or reply on this forum thread.

IPUMS PMA offers the Introduction to IPUMS PMA Data Analysis Course. I see you have a valid IPUMS PMA registration, so you should be able to access the course. IPUMS also offers online data training exercises, which are self-guided. We also host webinars and other events. If you can provide more information about the page or resource you are trying to access, and the trouble you are having, I will be able to better assist you.