problems accessing online data analysis tool after re-registering

I recently re-registered for IPUMS USA and IPUMS CPS. I seem to have no trouble with data extracts, but when I tried accessing the online data analysis tool for IPUMS CPS via the “Analyze all ASEC samples, 1962-2016” link I was instead routed to a “Registration Details” form (with my information filled in) and this message: “You are already registered for this project.” Clicking on the “x” removes the message but not the form. I tried logging out and logging in again but the same thing happens. Thanks in advance!

If you have recently registered, you may just need to restart your browser. Close out of your current session (as opposed to just logging out of the IPUMS site) and try logging in again before attempting to access the online data analysis tool. If this does not work, please let us know.