UK 1911 Census Person ID

Hello, it seems that these is no unique person identifier variable (RECID) provided in the United Kingdom 1911 historical census. Is that true?

Such information exists in I-CeM ( but seems not available in the IPUMS version. Is there a way I can obtain this variable through IPUMS? Thank you!

My apologies for the delay in response. The IPUMS International team is working on making this variable available shortly, but it may take a few weeks before it is accessible via our website. If you need this variable quickly, feel free to contact us directly by email at and I can share a dataset with this variable and linking keys to join the data onto an IPUMS International extract.

I wanted to provide an update on this discussion. The IPUMS International team has since released the UK 1911 RECID variable. Going forward, researchers may include this variable in a data extract request. Please note that you will need to view “source variables” rather than harmonized variables to find this variable through the IPUMS International website.