Mexico Survey Data - Indvidual Identifers


I am attempting to use the survey data from Mexico (ENOE) avaiable through the IPUMS portal.

I can’t seem to find any unique indivudal identifers to identify an indivdual in quarter n and quarter n-1 (etc.).

It seems that the data tracked people over time, I just don’t see if there is a variable indicating the unique indivdual id.

Does anyone have any insights on this?

My current thought was to create a unique id with the household id and person number, however, there are duplicates when I do this? Which I do not understand.

Any insights would be very very helpful!



This (Spanish language) publication provides an example of constructing a panel from the ENOE data. IPUMS International provides the source variables (original, unharmonized variables) necessary to construct a panel, but we do not have instructions on how to do so at this time. I do not speak Spanish, but based on the publication linked, you should start with interview number (MX2005H_N_ENT, for example for the 2005 samples), control number (MX2005H_CON), and dwelling number (MX2005H_V_SEL).

To find source variables in IPUMS International, in the extract system, toggle to source variables as shown in this screenshot:

PERNUM (person number) and SERIAL (household identifier) uniquely identify individuals within a sample. To uniquely identify individuals across panels, you will need to use additional variables.