The construction of yrschool

Dear all, my question about the construction of yrschool is a bit deeper than the notes. e.g. is yrschool constructed from edattain, or edattaind? If so, exactly how? Is there any discussion about how to turn edattain, or edattaind, into schooling years? This could be useful, because edattain has wider coverage than yrschool.

Thank you!

I am assuming that you are referring to the YRSCHOOL variable in IPUMS International. Please let me know if I am mistaken. In this case, although the YRSCHOOL variable is largely comparable across countries, the construction of the years of schooling variable depends on the specific sample. Specific issues relating to comparability are listed on the comparability tab and the source variables that construct the harmonized version of YRSCHOOL are available for download on the source variables tab. Therefore, the YRSCHOOL variable is not constructed directly from the EDATTAIN variable. The EDATTAIN variable collects slightly different information by identifying the highest degree or educational milestone completed , rather than the highest number of years of school completed .