What about the NIU in edattain (Brazil 2010) for age6+?



I am working on the Brazil 2010 data and have a subsample for male only over the age of 16. I still remain with a remarkably huge number of inidividuals coded as Not in Universe for the variable edattain. I wonder why this is the case, since the universe for this variable is reported as age+6. Can you give me an explanation?

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Hi RobertG,

Thank you for alerting us to this issue. When combining variables to create edattain, we left people who never attended school in the NIU category. As it is currently coded, the universe of EDATTAIN in Brazil 2010 should read “persons who ever attended school” without any age universe.

We will be moving those people currently in NIU to the “No schooling” (value 110) category in EDATTAIN and changing in the universe to “all persons.” Until then, you can do the same in your sample. Thank-you again for the input. We deliver better data with help from users like you!

-The IPUMS International team