NIU edattaind Ireland

Hi everyone,

I am working with the “edattaind” variable in the Irish samples. In some years (e.g. 2002) the category “not in universe” includes cases of people who are older than 15. But the universe was defined as everyone above 15.
Can anyone explain why this is the case?

Thanks a lot!

Starting in 1996 for the Ireland samples, the universe for EDATTAIN is “Present persons age 15+”. This means that this variable is restricted not only based on age but on the residence status of individuals within the household. Present persons can be identified as RESIDENT == 1 (Present resident) or RESIDENT == 4 (De facto population (present persons)).

Thank you!

Hi, sorry I have a question about this again. To me, it seems like in 2016 absent residents are not in the NIU category of EDATTAIN. Instead, they are categorised as missing. Is that correct?

The original 2016 sample had some absent person cases incorrectly coded as “Unknown” for EDATTAIN. These codes have been corrected in the original data, which will be reflected in EDATTAIN, though this change will not immediately take effect on the IPUMS dissemination system. Until then, you can treat these “Unknown” codes for absent person cases as NIU for EDATTAIN.