Supplement Interview Status (FL_665)

I need to link the Basic CPS interview to the March ASEC interview to compare industry and class of worker. To do this properly, I need to delete observations where the entire March Supplement interview was allocated (around 10 percent of the sample).

To identify these observations, I need the “Supplement Interview Status” variable (also known as FL_665) in the March ASEC. But I have not seen it in the list of variables and it does not come up in my search.

Can someone tell me what this variable is called?

Thanks in advance,
Jay Stewart

I found the variable (UH_SUPREC_A2), but it seems to be available only from 2007-2020.

This is a little strange, because that variable has been on the March CPS files since 1989 (and on the 1988 reprocessed file).

The earlier version of the unharmonized variable is UH_SUPREC_A1. The suffix of unharmonized variables gives the type of sample (A=ASEC, B= basic monthly) and the number is a sequence number. This variable comes in two versions, covering different time periods, with the codes being consistent within each time period, but not between them. The first variable (UH_SUPREC_A1) covers 1989-2006. The second (UH_SUPREC_A2), which you found, covers 2007-2020.

Thanks Matthew. That is helpful