ASEC 20 Unharmonized Survivor's Income Soruces

Apologies if I am overlooking something here!

I am conducting a detailed analysis of retirement income using the unharmonized ASEC 20 dataset. Part of this requires identifying certain types of survivor’s income by source.

The unharmonized IPUMS dataset has survivor’s income value by primary/secondary source (UH_INCSI1_A3 and UH_INCSI2_A3) but I’m having trouble finding what these primary/secondary sources actually are (variables SUR_SC1 and SUR_SC2 in the CPS ASEC codebook).

Any help would be appreciated here - thanks!

These variables will be added to IPUMS in the next data release, scheduled for this Friday. They will be named UH_INCSS1_A3 and UH_INCSS2_A3, respectively in IPUMS CPS once released.

Great, thanks!