ASEC 20 Unharmonized - Interest Income


I am looking into the different components of income using the unharmonized ASEC 20 dataset - is there currently a variable in the unharmonized dataset equivalent to INT_VAL/TRDINT_VAL in the CPS data dictionary? I see there is a variable that combines “Income from interest, dividends and net rentals” (UH_INCINT_A7) but no standalone variable for interest.


This is a documentation error on our part–my apologies for the confusion. The unharmonized variable UH_INCINT_A7 is actually only interest income (it corresponds to INT_VAL). The other variable you asked about (TRDINT_VAL) is available in the unharmonized variable UH_TRDINTVAL_A1 (please note that documentation for this unharmonized variable is also a unclear right now, but it does indeed report interest income from the last year excluding retirement accounts). The IPUMS CPS team will update documentation for both variables with the next data release (likely in April).

Thanks for looking into this, I appreciate the clarification!

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