SPSS CD command won't work

I have a downloaded data extract that I"m trying to run in SPSS. My CD command is:

CD ‘c:\cendata’.

It won’t run; tells me the CD command is wrong, I have looked at SPSS help.

Does anyone know what the problem is here?

Your CD command looks correct, however, you will want to make sure of the following items:

(1) That you have extracted the data file from the zipped file to the same folder where you have saved the SPSS command file.
(2) That the path you have indicated is the full and exact path name to where the file is saved.
(3) You have also changed the file path in the data list command line (2nd command).

This video tutorial on data extract with SPSS may be helpful.

If you are still receiving an error after checking these steps, feel free to let us know here or send an email to ipums@umn.edu and we’ll work to figure out what the issue is.