Servant Variable Sensitive to Local Law?

Hello! I found this definition for the servant variable: IPUMS-I: descr: SERVANTS. That makes me think that it is not sensitive to local law, but I would like to confirm: is there any indication that the enumerators would have considered whether a person was considered a servant per the relevant labor laws in an area? I’m specifically interested in 1860 USA data if that is helpful.

SERVANTS is a constructed variable based on information in RELATE (relationship to household head) and OCC95US (occupation); it was not enumerated in the original Census. The Enumeration Instructions for the 1860 U.S. Census do provide some insight into how occupation was enumerated. According to page 15 of the document, “The members, or inmates, of a family employed in domestic duties at wages you will record as ‘servants,’ or ‘serving,’ or ‘domestic,’ according to the custom of the vicinage.” Based on these instructions, it appears to me that local laws may have been considered in enumeration of occupation, including servants.

That’s awesome, thank you!