Looking for CPS variable PRABSREA

Hi everyone,

I am trying to find the IPUMS equivalent to the variable that Census calls “PRABSREA.” This variable shows the reasons why someone is absent from work AND if they are getting paid while absent.

The IPUMS variable WHYABSNT is the equivilant of PEABSRSN, which shows why someone was absent from work, but not if they were getting paid or not.

Any help would be appreciated; I am sure I must be missing something obvious.

Thank you!

This variable is available on IPUMS CPS for basic monthly data as the unharmonized variable UH_ABSREA_B1 (1976-1993) and UH_ABSREA_B2 (1994-present). The CPS team is not aware of any reason that this was not made a harmonized variable and will plan to harmonize it over all available years in a future release.

Hope the helps!

This is super helpful–just what I was looking for! Thank you!