Select cases not additive for METAREA and MET2013?

I’ve created a STATA-formatted data extract with samples from 1880 to 2021 and, using select cases, tried to select the Chicago metro area using both METAREA and MET2013, since METAREA is not available after 2010. I thought that select cases should be additive, thus allowing me to get relevant data for all the years in my samples. But when I open the data extract, only data for 2010 appears, no other years. Any idea of what’s going on here? Am I only getting the year in common for both METAREA and MET2013 rather than a combination of the two? (I experimented with a few data extract revisions and when I just select METAREA the extract includes all the years up to 2010, and when I just select MET2013, the exract includes all the years 2010+, so I don’t think its a problem with reading the extract)

Your suggestion that you are only seeing the common years for both METAREA and MET2013 makes sense to me. The select cases tool assumes an “AND” operator across variables. In your case of metropolitan areas, I can see how this is frustrating. However, this is a more logical set up if you think about using the tool to get populations of interest (e.g., women of childbearing age–you wouldn’t want to get women OR people aged 15-49 in your file). I suggest creating two separate extracts for the subsets of years that are only available in one of these variables and then appending them together.

Got it - I will do that. Thanks!

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