SDA Regression Analysis

Jeff – thanks for the response earlier. I’m able to see the recoded questions within the SDA by clicking “list created variables.”

My issue is with the analysis. When I recode a variable and it is a categorical/factor, why does SDA treat it as numeric in the analysis? I need an Odds Ratio and CIs created for each level of the factor in the statistical output. Any help here?

Thanks in advance.

I believe the issue here is that SDA does not have the capability to run ordered probit/logit regression models. So, when you insert a categorical dependent variable in the program it automatically re-codes the variable to be a binary 0 or 1 variable. The SDA system is limited in a couple ways, and this seems to be one of them. If you want to perform analysis using a categorical variable I’d suggest extracting the microdata from the IPUMS online data extract system and using your preferred statistical software.