NHIS SDA Regression Question

Hi Jeff. I’m attempting to conduct a logistic regression using the SDA with NHIS data. I’ve recoded multiple variables, such as smokestatus2 into three levels. How can I get this variable to be converted to categorical within the SDA calculate statistics for each level of the variable?

Thank you in advance.

As long as I am understanding your question correctly, there is one tricky detail, but this should be relatively straightforward. Once you’ve created your re-coded variable in SDA it will be saved into memory. Next, if you go to Analysis > logit/probit regression you’ll see all the available variables, but omitting the variable you just re-coded. This is the tricky detail. You should still be able to type the name of your re-coded variable into the regression fields within SDA. Once this is done, SDA should run your regression. Although I did note that you need to turn the “sample design” options to “SRS” rather than “complex”. If this still doesn’t do the trick, let us know.