SAS - Error: Format X_F not found or couldn't be loaded for variable X.

Hi, I work with IPUMS extracts frequently in SAS but have not experienced this before. After downloading and extracting the dataset, I run the SAS command file. However, after reopening SAS and trying to look at the dataset that ran through the command file, I cannot view the data. I get an error for each variable: “ERROR: Format X_F not found or couldn’t be loaded for variable X.”

I appreciate any help you can offer!



The most common cause of this type of error is that the format file created by the SAS command file (usually called something like usa_00067_f.sas7bdat) cannot be found. It may be that it is not stored in one of the libraries that SAS looks in for format files. I would recommend reading this SAS note to see if it applies to your issue. If this does not help, I would also recommend resubmitting, downloading, decompressing, and re-running the command file on your extract to see if the same error occurs.

I hope this helps.