Respondents' location in the core and periphery

Hi Geoffrey,

I am working with the IPUMS-International datasets for Brazil 1980, 1991, 2000, and 2010. I am looking at internal migration patterns among whites, browns, and blacks. I am trying to construct a variable that indicates a respondent’s location in the center city or suburbs (i.e., periphery).

Thanks in advance for your help.



Unfortunately, the smallest geographic identification in Brazilian samples is the municipality and there is no way to differentiate records within cities. The URBAN variable identifies whether the household was located in a place designated as urban or rural, but it sounds like this isn’t exactly what you are looking for. Without access to a more specific geographic identifier, I’m not aware of a way to indicate a household’s location in the center or suburbs of cities.

Hello Thiago,

I agree with Jeff. You can analyze migration patterns across cities but not within them.