Reproducibility and data redistribution

Dear IPUMS International team,
As you might know, reproducibility is a key aspect for publishing in top-journals. Many of the journals demand that the data used in the analysis should be available for replication. IPUMS international has a very clear non redistribution clause. It is clear that redistributing microdata is not allowed, however I have a question is if this clause also applies for data derived from the microdata and presented in aggregated level (not household level). Is there a specific guideline for these situations? Many thanks. Fred.

You are correct that sharing the underlying microdata is not allowed under the IPUMS International data use agreements. Sharing descriptive statistics, aggregate data, or analytical results derived from the microdata, however, is permissible. You can view the full terms of use for all IPUMS data resources; this page highlights additional considerations that are specific to IPUMS International.

We assign a DOI to the data data which is updated with each new data release. The citation for the current version is listed on the website and is included explicitly in the email notifying users that the data extract is ready for download. Some day, we hope to be able to allow you to share both the extract request profile as well as the overall database DOI, but the current DOI typically helps researchers meet journal citation requirements.

If you have specific questions about what kind of information you may or may not share, please follow up by email (