Regional classification of Atlantic Islands in NHGIS and IPUMS?

The place of birth category “Atlantic Islands” appears under the heading “Other North America” in the IPUMS documentation. In the integrated NHGIS documentation for “Table: AB9. Foreign-Born Persons by Place of Birth [25*]” those islands seem to be classified with Oceania. Is that correct? If yes, why is that the case? What countries are in the “Atlantic Islands” category?

Here is the description from the NHGIS documentation:

In 1970 reports, persons born in the Azores and “Other Atlantic Islands” are tabulated in an “All other” category that otherwise corresponds to the “Oceania” category of later years. The “Other Atlantic Islands” category is not explicitly defined in the 1970 Census Users’ Guide or in notes for the relevant table (141) in Volume I of the 1970 Census of Population. The category may include several areas (Madeira, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Bermuda, etc.) that are explicitly included in Europe, Africa, or the Americas in documentation for later censuses. Persons born on these Atlantic Islands are therefore included in the Oceania time series for 1970 and in the Portugal, Other Europe, Africa, or Other Americas time series for later years, in accord with the classifications of each source.