Regency variable geo2_idx in Indonesia Censuses


The regency variable geo2_idx appears to no longer be available in data extracts for the Indonesia censuses. The variable that is available appears to be geo2_id, which appears to be a harmonized variable providing consistent boundaries. This variable, however, does not appear to match in any way geo2_idx. Is there a way to still obtain geo2_idx? Or, are there new variables that contain this old information? Thank you!


This is a good question. The “GEO2_IDX” variables represent an old method of harmonizing geography variables. That is, if place names were similar, the units were lined up. No map or geographic boundary was used in the making of these variables. The new GEO2_ID variables are more accurate in the sense that they have been harmonized by geographical boundaries rather than only by place names. I’ve attached an old html page that we hosted on the IPUMS International website while this transition was in progress. We hope that this change helps improve the accuracy of our data and your research.

IPUMS Geography in T.pdf (54 KB)