Race: White Alone vs. White Alone (not Hispanic or Latino)

I just downloaded NHGIS tables B19013A and B19013H corresponding to Median Household Income in the Past 12 Months (in 2021 Inflation-Adjusted Dollars) (White Alone Householder) and Median Household Income in the Past 12 Months (in 2021 Inflation-Adjusted Dollars) (White Alone, Not Hispanic or Latino Household. What is the difference between these two tables?

The Census Bureau differentiates between race (they include the categories White, Black or African American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, and Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander) and ethnicity (this currently differentiates between those who have Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish heritage and those who do not). The “White Alone” table you referenced only accounts for the person’s response to the race question; in contrast, the “White Alone, Not Hispanic or Latino Householder” table excludes households where the householder reported their race as white and a Hispanic/Latino ethnicity. You can read more about the Census Bureau division of these two concepts in this Census Bureau blog post.

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Thank you, Kari. I do appreciate the response and understand now.

I have another question about population data when tracts versus block groups from NHGIS are used. I hope you might be able to help. I am looking at a certain area and the block groups and Census tracts within that boundary. I am not getting the same total population for both Census tracts and block groups and wondering why that is the case. Might you be able to help.

Doing some troubles shooting too to see if I did something wrong.

Kari: I actually overlooked that when I extract the census tracts versus block groups that touch my boundary of interest, it would ultimately provide me with a difference in population since block groups are at a more granular level and some of the block groups would not be captured because these would be completely outside this boundary. Please feel free to disregard my question since I have an answer now.

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