Race Alone or In Combination + Ethnicity at County Level


Is there any way to pull Race Alone or In Any Combination data cross tabulated by Ethnicity (B02008: B02013) at the county level?

For example, I’d like to see the % of individuals who identified as Black Alone or In Any Combination who identified as hispanic for all counties in California.

I’ve used IPUMS microdata to accomplish this, but that data is not available for every county. Are there any other ways to access this specific data?


I don’t know of any standard ACS tables that provide this complete breakdown, but it is available from the 2020 Census in the DHC (Demographic and Housing Characteristics File), table P7: Hispanic or Latino Origin by Race (Total Races Tallied). You can get county-level data for that table through IPUMS NHGIS.

There’s also a special ACS product released every 5 years or so that provides counts for detailed race, ethnicity, and ancestry groups. You can learn more about it on this Census Bureau page. (We plan to add this data product to NHGIS in the future, but there’s no timeline yet for that.) The most recent version is for the 2017-2021 5-year period, so the 2020 Census data table would be somewhat more current.