Census 1950, aggregated at a county level, with information separated by ethnic group.


I need data aggregated at a county level with information as the following:

-number of total whites in county x;

-number of total afro-american in county x;

-number of whites in college in county x;

-number of afro-american in college in county x.

And so on. In particular I am interested in education and income data for these two ethnicities in the 1950 (possibly also in 1960 and 1970).

I am aware that in ICPSR there is a similar study, however there are no data on blacks separately.

I have already downloaded the IPUMS data but the best geographic identifier I can find id the Standard Economic Area. I am aware that the county of residence is not public if I want Census 1950 micro-data. I was wondering instead if something similar to what I am looking for exists.

Thank you



Starting with the 1950 census information on precise residential location was suppressed in order to meet confidentiality requirements. See the geography coding and comparability section of this page. Specifically, in the 1950 sample only places with at least 100,000 in population can be identified with geographic variables. These restrictions only fall on public use data and restricted use data often has much more geographic detail. Restricted census data is available through the MN Research Data Center. An application and approval process is required, but depending on the intended use of this data this may be worth while. Another option, since it seems you are looking for aggreate data, would be to look into the NHGIS database.