Identifying state-level American Indian and Alaska Native population alone or in combination by age

Curious if it’s possible to get population by state and single year age for racial groups alone or in combination. I’m interested in getting a count of all American Indian and Alaska Native people by single-year age, but want to include those who identify as AIAN in combination with another race in addition to those who identify as AIAN alone. I don’t see a way to do this with the NHGIS tables, but may be possible. Or is this something best done with IPUMS 10% samples, and if so, any advice on building the extract?

I am also not seeing a table based that meets these criteria in IPUMS NHGIS. You can create a custom table that includes this information using the microdata from IPUMS USA and the detailed version of the RACE variable, STATEFIP, and AGE. We have video tutorials that cover navigating the IPUMS USA documentation, creating an extract from IPUMS USA, and using the SDA online analysis tool (if you prefer this to making an extract).

Hi Frank,

Those data are available in NHGIS, but they are a bit tricky to find! These data are in SF2, which provides tables iterated by race/ethnicity.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to
  2. Open the DATASETS filter
  3. Scroll until you find 2010_STF2a. Click the plus icon next to it.
  4. Click SUBMIT to apply filter
  5. In the SELECT DATA grid, click the plus icon by PCT3. Sex by Age to add it to your cart.
  6. Click the green CONTINUE button to move to the next page.
  7. On the DATA OPTIONS page, click the hyperlink under GEOGRAPHIC LEVELS to open the pop up.
  8. In the geographic levels selection pop up, click the checkbox for State. Then, click SUBMIT.
  9. Click the hyperlink Race/Ethnicity: 1 of 330 under the BREAKDOWNS. This will open the race/ethnicity pop up.
  10. Here is where you choose the race categories for which you want Sex by Age (for single year of age). Click the checkboxes next to the categories you want - you may need to scroll down to find the AIAN alone or in combo.
  11. Click SUBMIT to apply your selections.
  12. Click the green CONTINUE button to move to final page.
  13. Choose your table file structure and whether you want the various race categories combined into a single file.

Thank you!!!

One more question - is there a similar table available in either the 1970 or 1980 census files? What I’m after is an AIAN alone or in combination table by age by state

The Census Bureau only started publishing race alone or in combination counts in 2000. The 2000 census was the first time individuals could select one or more race categories. Thus, you will find an equivalent table in 1970 or 1980. 1980_STF2b does have a single year of age table (NTB8A) with race/ethncity breakdowns - you can get AIAN data for this table.

I’m not finding a single year of age table for 1970.

thank you!