Question about separating adult and child data on CPOX and CPOX12MO variables


I have a question about the CPOXEV and CPOX12MO variables - I want to create a table that matches child data from another variable with the child data on CPOXEV and CPOX12MO. However, according to the CPOXEV and CPOX12MO descriptions, the variables have data from both the adult and child data. Is there a way to make sure that the extracted data set or my data analysis includes only the child data from the CPOXEV and CPOX12MO variables?

Thank you very much.



In order to identify a respondent as a child, you should use the sample child flag variable CSTATFLG. A value of “1: Sample child – has record” for CSTATFLG indicates the respondent was the one person per family under age 18 who was selected at random for additional health-related questions. As long as you limit your data analysis to observations with CSTATFLG=1, then you can be sure it includes only the child data from CPOXEV and CPOXYR.

Hope this helps.