question about household level merging

Hi Joe,

This is Cassie again.

Thanks for your reply for my last question! It helps.

I just have a follow up question. My goal is to get longitudinal panel data on household level. Specially, my focus is to investigate the change of unemployment rate and income on household level. But ideally I need data maybe from 2000 to 2016 (ideally the time series is more than 7*24 periods). I want to track the change of the specific household. But I just get information from the data description you send to me that each household is interviewed for maximum 8 times. So, does it mean that I can not get the data I want? The long period time series data on household level is not exist, right?

Thanks much!!!




Correct. The CPS short panel follows households for a maximum of 8 observations. I’m sorry I could not provide the data you are looking for.