QHISPAN labels in data do not match codes on IPUMS site

I am working with basic monthly CPS data from 2010 on and downloaded the data directly from IPUMS as a .dta Stata file. The attached value labels to the QHISPAN variable in Stata are different from the values associated with the codes on the IPUMS website. E.g., the value label for a code of 1 in the Stata data is “don’t know-no change,” but on the site, the label associated with a code of 1 is “value to value.” Which labels are correct? Thanks!

Thank you for notifying us of this discrepancy in the QHISPAN labels. I have verified that the labels on the QHISPAN codes tab are the correct labels to use. I have notified the IPUMS CPS team about this issue, and they are working to resolve it as soon as they can. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.