Occupation (OCC) and STATA DO file 2003+ only labelling 0-99, not 000-9840 as shown in "codes"


I am trying to group occupation for a regression, and the codes in the link above show 0000-9840. I would like STATA to use these codes.

After accessing the data, the STATA .DO file only labels 0-99, (actually only 0-37 and 99). What am I doing wrong?

Here are the steps I took to obtain the data:

Because the OCC variable’s value labels change in certain years, IPUMS-CPS does not apply labels to the data. You can use the codes lists that are associated with the specific year you are interested in to apply labels. You can also use the OCC1950or OCC1990 variables. Since these variables are consistently coded across all samples the provided syntax file includes value labels.

I hope this helps.

Yes, thank you. I ended up figuring that out, that the IPUMS CPS codes still applied, regardless of what STATA had coded OCC to be.

Once again, many thanks.