OCC variable and 2010/2012 Census classification change



I would like to use the code in the OCC variable to divide the labor force into four categories (manual/cognitive - routine/nonroutine) as is usual in labour economics.

The BLS states herethat the CPS data uses the 2010 Census occupational classification scheme between 2011 and 2013, and the 2012 scheme from 2014 onwards.

However, in the OCC comparability section, it is said that “OCC provides the codes given in the original CPS data”, but also that from 2003 onward, it uses the 2000 scheme, with no mention of the 2010 and 2012 changes.

Is this because you forgot to update the comparability section? Or is it because the OCC variable still uses the 2000 scheme even after 2011, so that it is not similar to the CPS raw data?

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I just realized that the 2012 change was an industry classification change, so is not relevant.

But my interrogation still hold for the 2010 scheme.




In the IPUMS data, OCC does use the 2010 classification for samples from 2011 and onward. So it is the case that the Compatibility Tab is out of date. Thank you for raising this to our attention. If you look at the Codes Tab, however, you will notice a link to the 2011+ occupation classification, which should correspond with the 2010 classification system.