QEMPSTAT vs QLABFORC availability

Can anyone explain why QEMPSTAT and QLABFORC are not available for the same samples? If, for instance, QLABFORC got priority from IPUMS’ use of limited resources, I would expect QEMPSTAT to be available in a strict subset of the samples for which QLABFORC is available, but that is not the case:

ASEC March monthly Other monthly
1976 – 1988 X - -
1989 – 2019 X X X
2020 X X X
ASEC March monthly Other monthly
1976 – 1981 X - -
1982 – 2010 X X X
2011 – 2013 X X -
2014 – 2020 X - -

Thanks for pointing this out. The flags for these variables are based on the same underlying flag variable, so it does seem that these should be available for the same samples. The IPUMS CPS team is investigating why this is not the case. I’ll post again once I have an update.

These variables will be added to the samples from which they are missing in the next data release, in February. Thanks again for pointing this out!