QFAMINC 2016 samples missing


I just realized that the variable QFAMINC is not available for most of CPS 2016 basic monthly samples. Is this true for the original CPS file also? Is there a way to identify respondents with imputed family income in those missing QFAMINC samples?

Thank you!

This is an error. The QFAMINC should be available for all samples in 2016. Fortunately there is an unharmonized version of this variable available in IPUMS CPS. It is called UH_AFAMINC_2. The CPS team will fix this in a future release. In the meantime you can replace QFAMINC with the unharmonized variable for the missing months of 2016. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We like to reward users who find errors like this with an IPUMS mug. Please email ipums@umn.edu with your address to claim your mug!