PUMAs not showing up in SDA

I’m trying to get a count of householders by gender in several Twin Cities PUMAs using the SDA. In rows I have “sex()”, in columns I list three PUMA codes, “PUMA(1601, 1602, 1900)”, in filters I have “statefip(27), pernum(1)”. My ACS sample year is 2021 and I select household weight. When I run the table I only get the results for PUMA 1900, not the other two. Why?

Looking at the 2000-2010 PUMA crosswalk available through the 2010 PUMAs Geographic Tools page, I see that there are 2000 PUMAs with codes 01601 and 01602 in Minnesota but no 2010 PUMAs with those numbers.

2000 PUMAs are used in 2000 census samples and ACS samples through 2011. 2010 PUMAs have been in use in ACS samples since 2012. We expect the 2022 sample to be the first to use new 2020 PUMAs.

Thank you… Interesting what you say, and appreciated. I was using TIGERweb to get the PUMA numbers… and for the “current” timeframe they show the following, am I using TIGERweb incorrectly?

The legend indicates you’re viewing 2020 PUMAs. As I mentioned, “We expect the 2022 sample to be the first to use new 2020 PUMAs.” I’m not familiar with TIGERweb so I don’t know if there’s a way to view the 2010 PUMAs used in 2021 samples. IPUMS USA has an online map of 2010 PUMAs through the 2010 PUMAs Geographic Tools page I linked to previously. It may take some time for it to load, and it doesn’t show as many layers and labels as TIGERweb, but you can click on it to get PUMA codes.

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As @JonathanSchroeder mentions, you’re looking at 2020 PUMAs. I found myself in the same situation as you recently, and I found out that you can see the 2010 PUMAs on the map by going to the TIGERweb Apps page and selecting the “TIGERweb Decennial” section of the side-bar. IMPORTANT-- once you get to the map app page, change the “Select Vintage:” option to Census 2010. (Pictured)

This loads the 2010 PUMA geographies for you to see. If you want to compare this 2010 definition with the updated definition, switch-back to “Census 2020” for the 2020 PUMAs.

Hope this helps!

It was confusing because on the TIGER website for vintage I am given four choices: “current”, “ACS 2021”, “ACS 2022”, and “Census 2020”. Current is the only choice that gave PUMA numbers so I used that to get my PUMA codes thinking that TIGER/Census would provide the PUMA (the 2010 one) associated with the most current ACS data one can access through data.census.gov. I have the right codes now, however, so thanks again.

Oh my goodness, that worked! Thank you… Why does Census make this so difficult? Relatedly, I’ve complained to them that in the data tool they only provide the geographic names for the PUMA areas, not the numbers. Why?.. Anyway, I’m set for now… good to have IPUMS out there to help me get through the day!

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