PUMA 2010 text file

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I would like to know whether it is possible to have the following text file for the census 2010 ASCII file. .I need the detail composition for each puma in 2010.

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I’m not certain, but it seems that the information available in this spreadsheet may be what you are looking for. If not, more detail about the 2010 PUMA definitions can be found here. Of course, feel free to follow up with any additional questions.

The Census Bureau supplies text files defining the composition of 2010 PUMAs through this web page (look under Reference Information).

Your question has helpfully alerted us that the IPUMS USA site currently supplies no links to those files. We’ll try to address that omission soon!

Thank you very much both. I was looking exactly for the files in the Reference Information at the census website that you provide. I mean I was looking for composition of each puma.

Thank you again!