Is the file 2000PUMAsASCII.txt for Census 2010 already available?


Is the file 2000PUMAsASCII.txt for Census 2010 already available? I need county population for 2010 census. If so, could I get it in excel format? Thanks a lot!!


IPUMS provides census summary data for geographic areas (including 2010 county populations) through IPUMS NHGIS. NHGIS provides the data in a comma-separated values (CSV) format that can be opened in Excel. If you have further questions about how to find 2010 county populations through that site, feel free to ask.

2010 PUMA composition files similar to 2000PUMAsASCII.txt are available via the Census Bureau website. We will soon be adding a new section to the IPUMS USA 2010 PUMA Definitions page with links to the relevant pages. Here’s the text & links we plan to add:

2010 PUMAs are defined as groups of counties and/or census tracts. The Census Bureau provides files that identify the components of each 2010 PUMA in two formats:

  • PUMA Equivalency Files
    • List all relationships between 2010 PUMAs and 2010 counties, minor civil divisions (MCDs), places, and census tracts
    • Available in state-based text files through the Census Bureau’s Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs) page under “Reference Information > 2010 PUMA Equivalency Files”
  • Census Tract to PUMA Relationship File
    • Identifies the 2010 census tracts that comprise each 2010 PUMA
    • Available in a single nationwide file through the Census Bureau’s Census Tracts Relationship Files page under “Tract to Public Use Microdata Area (PUMA) Relationship File”