Public private education EDPUPR?

Can the variable EDPUPR in the Oct 2018 Education Supplement be used to distinguish between people who went to public versus private college? What exactly does it mean?
The description says “EDPUPR identifies whether a person was enrolled in regular school and if so specifies either public school or private school enrollment.” I downloaded it and AGE and EDUC and deleted everyone under 25 years old. The oldest person is 76 with EDUC=111 (college) and EDPUPR=11 (private). Does that mean this person went to a private college/university or private high school or what exactly?

EDUC indicates educational attainment overall, whereas EDPUPR represents persons currently enrolled in school at the time of the survey. The universe for EDPUPR is “Persons enrolled in school”, which is identified by EDATT (Currently attending/enrolled in school). Among those attending, EDGRADE (Current level of school enrollment) indicates in which grade they are enrolled (including college). Therefore, EDGRADE is the appropriate variable to understand education level based on current enrollment, which can be applied to EDPUPR to understand the education level it refers to.

Thank you.