Question about educmy

Hi there,

I was wondering if the educmy only refers to respondents who went to a public school or both private and public school.

This is because the category labels seem to suggest that all respondents went to a public school. If it also includes respondents who went to a private school, I’d assume that there will be respondents who have attained Cambridge A levels in addition to those who have Form 6, lower; Form 6, upper, and Form 6 with certificate.


Hi Chun Chee,

The universe for EDUCMY notes that all persons in the census should have a value for this variable. In the process of harmonizing variables across multiple sample years, different responses may be grouped under the same heading. There is an option to explore how IPUMS created this variable at the bottom of the codes tab for EDUCMY. This will lead you to a harmonization table which shows how responses were recoded by IPUMS. The 2000 Census seems to have grouped all post-secondary education (Form 6, GCE A Level, Matriculation) into one category that IPUMS labeled Form 6 with certificate [completed] . Therefore, in the 2000 sample, this category includes both public and private school attendees. However, there does not seem to have been an option for respondents to indicate they attained A levels in samples prior to the 2000 census. If there were such individuals, they would still have been required to provide their level of educational attainment based on the response choices given to them.

I hope this helps!